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Best 3 Bitcoin Fantasy Sports Casinos
Fantasy Games
Deposits / Withdrawals
  • Sign up Bonus 100% up to $250, 50% up to $500
  • Reload Bonus,
  • Refer a Friend Bonus 50% of first deposit
ProsGenerous bonuses, promotions, and rewards. Mobile compatible platform. Automatically converts Bitcoin to dollars. Excellent customer support options. Numerous payment methods.
ConsOffers only fantasy football in DFS. No 24/7 support. Less attractive website.
SupportLive Chat, Phone Hotline, E-mail
DepositsBitcoin, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Direct Cash, Skrill, Quick Cash, Neteller
    Sometimes temporary Bonuses via Social Media
ProsEasily accessible and easy-to-use mobile app Simplified betting options Easy account setup
ConsDoes not support Bitcoin Available for players from the US and Canada only No formal bonuses No 24/7 support
Soccer, Football, Basketball
DepositsVisa, Mastercard, American Express
ProsBitcoin integrated DFS Excellent user interface Fair DFS Member registration is simple
ConsLacks 24/7 support Does not support Bitcoin
Basketball, Baseball, Football
Supportsupport ticket, live chat
DepositsDiscover, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal

Bitcoin Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Sports are the modern trend that has taken everyone by storm. They base their action on real life athletes. These athletes are available for Fantasy Sports players to combine in virtual teams, offering innumerable opportunities.

You can indulge in Fantasy Sports and try out football, basketball, baseball. Of course there is much more online. They will provide you with a unique opportunity to see all your favorite players appearing at the same team. If they perform well in real life, so will your team – it is that simple and bewitching!

On the downside, Fantasy Sports are not free for everyone to join. They are sometimes out of reach or they do not allow people to engage in betting options. In this way, there are an increasing number of potential players without the necessary solution to their problem.

Online Gambling Prohibitions Apply

Even though most of them are free, there are prohibitions against betting real money in Fantasy Sports. They are a form of gambling and so you will find it hard to bet on your team using credit cards or other types of payment. Since gambling restrictions apply, you need to come up with a different option, a safe alternative that allows you to place your bets and win money on the safe side.

Using Bitcoin to Overcome Restrictions

In order to bridge the gap that has emerged about online payments and betting options, Bitcoin has come up as an alternative form of payment. Due to its exponentially rapid growth and popularity, Bitcoin appears to be the safest way of betting online. But how does it work?

Well, the process is truly simple and easy. You use your Bitcoin (which is the most popular cryptocurrency available in the global market nowadays), so as to bet on your team and challenge your luck. If your team performs great, you can win handsome amounts of money. If not, there is always the next day!

Advantages of Using Bitcoin

When you use Bitcoin, there are many advantages for you to enjoy. First of all, Bitcoin is 100% anonymous as a form of payment. This means that nobody can link you to the winnings that you have earned through Bitcoin gambling.

Another benefit has to do with the safety of Bitcoins. There is no actual link between Bitcoin and your banking accounts. As a result, you do not need to worry about any online security breaches that may jeopardize your money.

Thanks to its nature (it is a digital currency) Bitcoin is a great way to place your bets online. You do not have to use various forms of money deposits and withdrawals. Everything is sim

ple and you can place any bet within a couple of minutes. Imagine how much more difficult it would be to choose another payment option and wait for it to become acceptable, before you can even consider betting.

Last but definitely not least, Bitcoin is able to overcome any restrictions about gambling. For instance, in the US you are not free to bet on gambling websites. With the use of Bitcoins, however, you can bypass such restrictions and enjoy betting online. And if you want to be even more secure, you can use anonymous currencies like Zcash for betting – but there are no Fantasy Sports sites available yet which accept zCash.  This is an important step, so as to improve user experience in Fantasy Sports.

Fantasy Sports Games: Pros and Cons

Fantasy Sports Games have managed to divide players into two categories: there are those who absolutely love them and those who loathe them beyond compare. The truth is that there are both pros and cons in Fantasy Sports Games, just like with every other thing in life. Let’s have a look at these advantages and disadvantages, shall we?


  • They are easy to play
  • They are free to join
  • They offer great betting options
  • You get to use your favorite players
  • You can use Bitcoins
  • You do not need endless hours of research
  • Competition is still limited


  • Without Bitcoin, it is difficult to bet on Fantasy Sports Games
  • There are still not many websites available for betting
  • You depend entirely on the performance of others
  • Statistics can be hard to analyze
  • They can be difficult to stop

As you can see, there are two sides on every coin. Do you want something engaging, which does not need any registration fee and can offer you significant betting options? Then Fantasy Sports Games are the right solution for you. You will not have to spend your entire time trying to analyze every single aspect of the game.

If you have Bitcoins, then there is really no dilemma here.

On the other hand, do you want something that offers you the chance to actively play and influence the final outcome? In this case, Fantasy Sports Games are not for you. You should try conventional sports betting and endure their limitations and gambling restrictions.

Fantasy Sports Games Available for Betting

The most popular option among Fantasy Sports Games is definitely Fantasy Football. It attracts millions of people from all over the world. Nevertheless, this is not the only fantasy sport you can indulge in. If you look for Bitcoin Casino Games – check out

You can also challenge your luck in Fantasy Baseball, Basketball and Hockey, Golf and Cricket, MMA and Boxing, Professional Wrestling, Surfing and Rugby. Whatever meets your own criteria and preferences, you can try out. There is unique flexibility and there are a lot of betting options for you to enjoy.

Bottom Line

Fantasy Sports have become popular and their popularity is going to continue on in the future. They offer great betting opportunities to everyone, even to those who do not have extensive knowledge of the games. These sports allow players to benefit from the real time performance of their favorite athletes, making each game exciting and thrilling.

With the addition of Bitcoin as payment method, Fantasy Sports betting has been easier and simpler than ever. Bitcoin is anonymous and perfectly safe to use, while it helps players overcome any gambling restriction within their exact location. Feel free to join the world of Fantasy Sports and enjoy the new potentials before your eyes!